Summer Annuals Cheat Sheet!

Summer Annuals Cheat Sheet!

Annuals are the eye candy of the summer garden, and if you’re not already shopping for them, we’re betting you will be soon. Who can resist all of those racks and tables maxed out with instant color. Fanciful visions of cascading window boxes, edge-spilling containers and hanging baskets, and blank spots instantly filled in, dance in you head. It’s magic time! And every year, you get to create an whole new “plant painting” without breaking the bank.

What are “annuals”?

They’re plants that compete their life cycle in a single growing season. If you live in a zone that experiences a fall killing frost, when they’re done, they’re done. In the warmest zones, some annuals can winter over.

Before you head to the garden center, here’s a quick cheat sheet of a few annuals you’ll likely see there, and ideas about how to use them, courtesy of our friends at Monrovia. Which ones spark your creativity? Are there others that you love?

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