Whether you need to add color, privacy or something to fill in a shaded area, a shrub might be your answer. At Growing Grounds, we have skilled staff to help you chose the best option for your location. We have some of the most unique evergreens in the area with over 40 varieties of Japanese Maples and Hydrangea varieties that will complete any garden.

Shrub Varieties:

  • Japanese Maples: very popular shrub, unique varieties.
  • Example: Bloodgood
  • Dwarf Evergreens: Provide year round color in a compact form.
  • Examples: Picea Firefly, Chamaecyparis Golden Pin Cushion
  • Spring Flowering: Share a pop of color after the winter gray.
  • Example: Lilacs
  • Summer Flowering: Extend your garden color through the late summer.
  • Example: Hydrangea
  • Shade Tolerant: These are perfect for the low light areas in your yard.
  • Examples: Azaleas, Big Leaf Hydrangeas
  • Hedges: Build a living fence or add some privacy to your backyard with these.
  • Examples: Privet, Viburnum, Burning Bush