Cold Evening Tempratures

It’s going to be cold tonight and tomorrow night.
Lows in the 38-40ish.

  • Take extra precautions with plants.
  • If you had it inside once and scooted him out, bring him back in.
  • Annuals, you can always toss sheets over if they are a mixed planter with tropicals. Don’t use a tarp.
  • Tropical/houseplants are the concern. Fern baskets with chilly winds will show damage.
  • Trees, shrubs and perennials will all be fine. You could see a little damage.
  • Newly planted should still be tended to the same, only watering will decrease with temperatures low at night.
  • Mature plants will just grow out of it.

Just use your best judgement, or call with any questions, open until 8 tonight!
(309) 827-4343
Stay warm!

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